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Personal Information: n944la

Username n944la
Realname n944la
Web Site
ICQ Number
AIM Number n9nu
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Location Chicago IL
Date Added Jul 06, 2011
Occupation Audio Engineer
Signature [URL=][img:e6b004f667][/img:e6b004f667][/URL]

[[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Mageia Linux 64 Bit [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] Debian Linux 64 Bit [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] FreeNAS 64 Bit [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] ClearOS 6.1 [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] Windows 7 64 :([/COLOR][/CENTER]

[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]AMD Phenom II X6 1100 OC @ 4.7GHz [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] Asus 990FX Sabertooth [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] Patriot Viper Series PC3 DDR3 8GB [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] nVidia GeForce GTX 590 Reference Board [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] Digidesign Pro Tools LE Digital Sound System [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] Adam Studio Monitors [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] Lite-On DVD+RW/DL SATA x 2 [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] OCZ Agility III SATA-3 120GB x2 RAID 0 [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] WD 1.5TB Black SATA 3 x 2 RAID 1 [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] Glyph SATA 3 PCI-E RAID Controller [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] I-Inc 28" HD LCD [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] Thermaltake Spedo Case [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] Custom H2O Cooling For CPU & Mobo NB Chipset [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] Inet: 155-Mbit OC-3 [b:e6b004f667]|[/b:e6b004f667] Saitek X-65 FCS[/COLOR]
Extra Info
Last Visit Wed Jul 6 19:36:40 EDT 2011
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